Associate file endings with languages in Atom

A short tip if you use Atom as your preferred editor: how to associate file endings with a specific language pack for syntax highlighting. Should be easy right? Well, I actually had to do some googling on this.

When working with my Ansible codebase, I like to use Atom. As with most languages out there, the community has created a language pack for it to give you some syntax highlighting goodness. There is just one detail missing here: How do I associate my file endings with the Ansible language pack?

For my inventory files, I postfix them with .inventory for convenience. All the servers for, let's say Team A, goes in TeamA.inventory. The language pack for Ansible doesn't know this, so I need to tell it som how. Right out of the box there is actually no easy way to do this, but thankfully the Atom ecosystem also got this covered with the file-types package.

apm install file-types and then edit the local config.cson file like so:

      ".*/group_vars/.*": "source.ansible"
      ".*/host_vars/.*": "source.ansible"
      inventory: "source.ansible"

And we are good to go.

Update: As of version 1.24.1 of Atom we don't need any extension for setting language-pack to basic file-endings.
This can be done with:

      "source.ansible": [