Build and publish AsciiDoc with Docker and nginx

One of the teams at work is piloting the usage of AsciiDoc for documentation of their product. AsciiDoc is a markup-format just like Gruber's Markdown, but is more advanced and offers more possibilities. Since the documentation is located alongside the source code in Git (as it should be!) I created a simple build step for easy build and deploy of the documentation with my favorite tool, Docker with public images directly from the Docker Hub.

These steps gets triggered on each build:

if [[ -z "$(sudo docker ps | grep webserver)" ]]; then
    sudo docker run -dt --name webserver -p 80:80 -v /usr/share/nginx/html nginx

sudo docker run -it -v /var/buildDropLocation/build/docs:/documents/ --volumes-from webserver asciidoctor/docker-asciidoctor asciidoctor -a stylesheet=dips.css -a toc-left technical_document.adoc -D /usr/share/nginx/html

In short, we check if the nginx-container is running and starts it if needed. The HTML-folder is exposed.
Next we pull down and run the asciidoctor-image from the Docker Hub and link in the docs-folder from the build. We use TeamCity, so customize these variables to fit your build system. asciidoctor then runs on the files and puts the output HTML in the volume from the nginx-container. Easy as that, live documentation directly from the latest build.