Trondheim Developer Conference 2018

Three years since my last trip to TDC, I again got a talk approved.
This time I submitted the talk Ansible: Configuration Management for Windows og Linux i skjønn forening (translates to something like Ansible: Configuration Management for Windows and Linux in great harmony)

As readers of my blog know, I use Ansible a lot when working on both Linux and Windows, so that topic should not come as a suprise.

In abstract, I talked about the journey DIPS has had in to the microservice pattern, and how that quickly revealed the need for configuration management and infrastructure as code, leading to the choice of Ansible over the other providers. I also gave demo at the end showing how to provision out both Windows and Linux services in the same environment.

I'm also pretty sure I jinxed the whole Red Hat acquired by IBM story, by saying "Ansible is Open Source and backed by Red Hat, which is the perfect company to have as a guardian". Sorry about that, guys ;)

My slides and the talk itself (in Norwegian):