Trondheim Developer Conference 2015

This year I had the pleasure of being one of the talkers at the fourth annual TDC in Trondhiem.
The lineup included big international tech-names like Scott Hanselman, Sahil Malik, Seb Lee-Delisle and Scott Allen, and I had a lot of fun making my debut as a conference speaker along side these people.

The talk i brought was Simple crossplatform REST-Service with .NET, Vagrant and Docker, a walkthrough on how to make crossplatform server components in .NET with Vagrant and Docker as key tools, helping us focus on integration testing and production-like deployment from the first lines of code written. This is also a subject I have blogged some about before. The essence of the talk is that .NET and C# now is all you need to know to write the entire stack of your applications, including the mobile client code for iOS and Android via Xamarin to the server side part with Mono, letting you choose what platform to run on.

I gave some tips on frameworks and libraries to use when writing a simple REST-Service, including NancyFX, Topshelf and Dapper.

My session will be released by the TDC people shortly, until then - here are the slides.

EDIT: Here is also the talk (in norwegian):

After the talk I walked back stage and helped Scott Hanselman out with his upcoming ASP.NET 5 talk, where he showed me the future of open source Microsoft, running on all platforms without anything installed thanks to the CoreCLR. He told me he planned on asking some random people in the audience for a Mac to show how easy it was to run a sample ASP.NET 5 app with the CoreCLR, so I placed my co-worker @hjerpbakk on the front raw. Sure enough, he had to take the stage with his Mac.

The tricky bit proved to not be getting to run on a Mac, but tackling the Norwegian keyboard. Hanselman joked as always, and his sessions ended up, not surprisingly, to be some of the best the entire conference had to offer.