We created a tech blog!

At DIPS Trondheim, we like to think about new ways to connect with developers and giving back to the community. A lot of us do Open Source development and attend meetups on a regular basis. We talk at conferences and universities. As geeks we also read blogs. A lot of blogs. Being Norwegian developers, we found that the amount of people and companies in the tech scene actually blogging in Norwegian was rather slim, so we decided to do something about it. DIPS ASA has over 150 developers, making us one of Norway's largest software houses. It's time for us to share some of our knowledge. That's how the DIPS Tech Blog was born. On this blog we will share tips and tricks from our every-day work, including solid patterns and practices, libraries and tools we use, how we design products and so on. Everything will be in Norwegian as well. We hope you like it!

Visit us at tech.dips.no!